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Portable Traffic Counter
The HI-STAR features patented Vehicle Magnetic Imaging (VMI) technology to provide you with the essential information needed for intelligent, accurate traffic analysis and highway management.
HI-STAR records the volume, speed, and length classification of vehicles PLUS road surface temperature, wet/dry surface condition, vehicle presence and roadway occupancy.

Permanent Traffic Counter
Monitor, collect, analyze, and store accurate and essential traffic and roadway surface conditions remotely from the convenience of your office. GROUNDHOG is a permanent, in-pavement, self-contained traffic monitor with no external sensors. Vehicle detection and measurement are accomplished by Vehicle Magnetic Imaging (VMI) Technology that determines the magnetic influence of a motor vehicle passing through the Earth's magnetic field. Recoded data can be transferred wireless or via telephone lines, fiber optic or cellular links.

Distance Measuring Instrument
The NITESTAR has been designed to make distance measuring as easy as possible. The average survey can be completed simply by using the four large keys on the left side of the instrument. The NITESTAR has embedded programs specially designed for contractors who require material amounts and costs for asphalt, concrete, gravel, sand etc. - The NITESTAR has non volatile internal memory to store numerous events along with the distance that they occur.



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